Xtreme Engineers

RTL Design and UVM Verification Experts

XtremeEDA engineers bring hundreds of years of combined semiconductor development experience and expertise — spanning Processors, Servers, Wireless, Networking/Telecom, Avionics, Automotive, Medical Devices, Consumer Products, and other sectors. Our team enjoys working with our customers and co-workers!

XtremeEDA provides engineers that can:

  • Lead teams and apply state of the art Design and Verification techniques
  • Join customer teams and adapt quickly to complex customer environments
  • Create customer teams and establish a successful working environment
  • Help guide customer environment developments
  • Review and critique customer projects
  • Provide methodology suggestions to improve quality, and shorten cycles
  • Make experienced productive suggestions on process improvement


Are you interested in joining an industry leader in Design and Verification?

Do you like to help others?

XtremeEDA engineers enjoy helping our customers and co-workers excel and flourish.

  • Share Expertise
  • Employ and Demonstrate Cutting Edge Techniques
  • Always Happy to Provide Answers

Do you enjoy teamwork?

  • Our Team capability is far greater than the sum of it’s individual potentials.

Do you strive for Work/Life Balance?

Quality and creativity are natural side effects of a balanced life.

  • XtremeEDA engineers work smarter……not longer
  • Work/Life balance is fundamental to enduring relationships
  • Experienced engineers have lives outside of work too!
  • Well rested minds foster creativity
  • Clear thinking leads to success – quality in / quality out

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