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Full-time Employment

Employment Model

Emphasizing enduring relationships, we prefer that all our engineers be full-time employees receiving full salary and benefits — even between client engagements.  Our dedicated sales team strives to maintain a continuous pipeline of interesting client opportunities to minimize unplanned down-time for our engineering team.  Periods of down-time between client engagements are used as development opportunities for our employees.

Equal Opportunity

XtremeEDA is an equal-opportunity employer and committed to a positive, professional, and safe workplace in which each and every individual is treated with the full respect and dignity due to everyone.


Culture & Values

The foundations of our culture are built upon relationships of mutual trust and respect between stakeholders, which include our: employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and communities. Read more here.


The physical working environment varies across engagements.  Engineers living in the same metro area as a client tend to spend their working hours onsite at the client office.  Otherwise our engineers will either work from an XtremeEDA facility or from their home offices.


Limited travel (<25%) may be required: at the start of a project and/or over the course of an engagement.


Expand and refine your capabilities!

  • Absorb ideas from a rich diversity of engineering talent (including our own team and our clients’ teams)
  • Experience a wide variety of engineering environments/tools/flows (including technology that is proprietary and/or from the “big 3”)
  • Apply and develop your skills with exposure to a variety of semiconductor product sectors

Other Rewards


We strive to maintain regionally competitive base salaries which are paid in semi-monthly installments via direct deposit.


Opportunity to participate in ownership of the XtremeEDA corporation is offered through our stock program.


Work/Life Balance is a buzz-phrase used by most companies  to squeeze more work into your life.  Sustained peak output tends to inhibit creativity, produce inconsistent quality, and risk burning people out!  We strive for sustained balance — which may include limited bursts of peak output — to promote sustained quality, creativity, and contentment!!

We recognize that balance is rooted in the individual; it is defined dynamically across aspects of their lives through instantaneous and cumulative perceptions of their security, health, potential, happiness, prosperity, legacy, and other factors.

Paid Time Off


Employees enjoy 10 paid holidays per year.


New employees accrue 15 days of paid vacation in their first year and will grow that to 20 days annually with five full years of XtremeEDA employment.

Other Benefits (regionally specific)


  • Personal Health Care Spending Account (PHSA)
  • Emergency Out-of-Province/Canada Medical Plan
  • Life and Long-term Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit




  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) *
  • Retirement Savings Plan*

* with employer contributions

Current Openings

Employee Testimonials

"My time at XtremeEDA has shown that management truly cares what I think and that my colleagues have always been eager to help and share ideas. The company goes to great lengths to match me to clients and projects that align with my interests and skills. In my experience this type of partnership is rare ..."

"I like working with new teams and, with XtremeEDA, I have opportunities to work with new teams and organizations all the time. Best though is that I feel I have the flexibility to be creative. I can explore new technologies and develop ideas in ways I haven't been able to anywhere else. This has been great for me."

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