Press Release – Vancouver and Toronto: XtremeEDA Adds New Team Leads

March 14, 2018

March 14, 2018


Vancouver and Toronto: XtremeEDA Adds New Team Leads

XtremeEDA is very pleased to announce two recent additions to the engineering leadership team.


On Canada’s west coast, Jeremy Ralph has joined XtremeEDA to lead the creation of a Vancouver, British Columbia based team.

Jeremy arrives at XtremeEDA with 17 years of ASIC design and verification experience. He began his career in the semiconductor space developing ASICs for optical networking. From there, Jeremy ventured into developing register management tooling for a noteworthy list of ASIC and FPGA customers. Most recently, Jeremy has been focused on NVMe-based SSD controller ASIC verification and methodology leadership with Intel’s Non-Volatile Solutions Group (NSG).

Asked about his decision to join XtremeEDA, Jeremy replied, “Ultimately it was the culture and opportunity at XtremeEDA that attracted me to the company. The idea of working on really interesting products like RISC-V processor SoCs is something I find exciting. Working directly with different world-class semiconductor and systems companies is something I’m looking forward to, especially considering the growth in development of new chips and systems on the west coast in the exciting areas of storage, networking, machine vision, AI and IoT. XtremeEDA has a team that can take on whole projects built with some of the most reputable design and verification consultants in the industry, so the array of potential clients and opportunities is quite impressive.”

Thinking about building a west coast presence, Jeremy likes the possibilities. “Vancouver has a lot of ASIC and FPGA expertise with great academic institutions to feed the talent pool. With XtremeEDA’s expansion in this area, ASIC engineers will have another option that I think will resonate well within the local development community.”


In the XtremeEDA Toronto office, Damon Tohidi has joined us as the site lead.
Damon Tohidi has been in the ASIC industry for 15 years focusing on IP and SoC design, development and micro-architecture definition and design for PCIe controller and various Serdes IPs. He started his career as part of a 16-month internship program at ATI Technologies, maintaining a Hardware Emulation platform.  After completing his degree, Damon continued his career with ATI/AMD working on Video/PCIE IP integration into SoC. He continued to advance his career with the PCIe IP team while working on the Transaction Layer packet scheduler (TLP).

Damon is intrigued with the idea of learning with new clients and building out industry leading IP.  He shared, “After spending most of my engineering career working for a big ASIC company, it was XtremeEDA’s culture of learning and collaboration that caught my attention. Whether you’re working on a client’s project or helping an internally developed program, learning is a big part of the culture. Engaging with a new client brings great learning opportunities because we work with so many different development approaches. New perspectives help me grow as an engineer and a leader. I think my experience will be similarly beneficial to our client teams as well as within the Toronto engineering team.”

“I’m looking forward to serving clients in emerging markets like IoT and Machine Learning,” continued Damon.  “And a big part of me joining is the opportunity to work with RISC-V ISA. It’s an open source ISA – challenging the conventional (x86, ARM, etc) architectures – and the company has devoted a lot of people and time to building related IP.”

XtremeEDA Chief Technologist Neil Johnson is excited about Damon and Jeremy joining the team.  “With the Toronto and Vancouver areas growing substantially in semiconductor development activity,” Neil explained, “continuing to build a presence in these key locations further improves our ability to serve clients not only in Canada but throughout North America. Damon and Jeremy are excellent additions to our leadership team, and we’re excited to have them leading teams and serving clients from these two important locations.”

XtremeEDA is a North American team of ASIC design and verification engineers who bring together hundreds of years of combined semiconductor development experience and expertise spanning the processor, networking, telecommunications, aviation/avionics, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and other sectors.

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