Clients and Testimonials

"I've had the pleasure of working with XtremeEDA on multiple occasions and projects - each time, I've been impressed with the professionalism of both Engineers and the Leadership Team. XtremeEDA have delivered quality results on every project, and on schedule - and they're my first choice for external verification consultants"

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality and dedication of the XtremeEDA consultants that we've had working for us. When we need verification consultants again in the future, they will be the first person I call.”

“XtremeEDA has been a pleasure to work with. We can count on XtremeEDA to provide the senior talent required to attack our most challenging Verification IP projects. We treat our XtremeEDA team members as if they are our direct employees, and they work seamlessly with our team members. We primarily use remote team members, and this has been refreshingly successful.”

"The talented engineers from XtremeEDA faithfully exemplify XtremeEDA’s unique company values and truly set a new standard in extended teamwork. The problems normally experienced in partnering with 3rd party service providers simply did not exist primarily because our XtremeEDA team-mates took ownership, challenged, questioned, innovated, and delivered in a manner truly equal to that of our full time Compound Photonics folks."