Principal Verification Consultant – Toronto

Founded in 2002, XtremeEDA is a preferred North-American provider of front-end design and verification services across the semiconductor industry.  Our operating culture nurtures innovation, integrity, and diversity to empower individual talents and unleash collective potential.  Client engagements offer a rich variety of learning opportunities with the support of our engineering team’s collective breadth of deep expertise.

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Perform IP, subsystem- and/or SOC-level verification: planning; test-bench components and infrastructure, stimulus, & coverage development; environment development; root-cause debug; and coverage closure.  Technically lead client engagements and/or aide Engineering Directors in assessing, sizing, & planning projects.


Must be legally eligible to work in Canada to be considered.

Must possess a BS / MS / PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering and have a minimum of 15 years of front-end ASIC/SOC/FPGA digital verification experience employing the following skills:

  • UVM and SystemVerilog (SV)
  • Shell, Perl, Python, and/or Ruby scripting
  • ARM Architecture and AMBA AHB / APB / AXI bus protocols
  • High-speed I/O (HSIO) (e.g. Ethernet, PCIe, USB, SATA, and/or SerDes)
  • Efficient triage and root-cause debug capabilities
  • Multiple years leading technical team in semiconductor hardware development context

Other desirable qualifications include SVA/OVA, VHDL, C/C++, Assembly, DDR, Formal Verification,  UPF / low-power methods, or mixed-signal verification experience.

XtremeEDA is an equal-opportunity employer and committed to a positive, professional, and safe workplace in which each and every individual is treated with the full respect and dignity due to everyone.

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