Advanced Verification Solutions

ASIC/SoC/FPGA Verification

XtremeEDA specializes in working with complex verification environments using the latest methodologies such as Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) spanning processor, wireless, networking, telecommunications, mil-aero/defense, cloud computing, machine learning, consumer electronics and many other markets.
Verification Services

As part of Verification Services our engagements with clients involve various aspects of front-end project level verification that include architecting environments from test plan creation to building constraint driven testbenches with drivers, monitors, scoreboards, checkers, sequences and sequencers. To these environments we can provide advance verification consulting and expertise including reusable and scalable implementation for verifying levels of protocols using layered sequences, drivers and monitors. 

Including formal verification to critical areas of the design by incorporating different methods ranging from static analysis to dynamic approaches that incorporate simulation.

We work closely with our clients to either build and/or extend their feature-based sequence libraries and test scenarios while collaborating with teams to retarget these sequences to other languages used for firmware development. Throughout the verification process our services ensure that proper methodology is implemented to achieve metrics/coverage driven verification.

Our Verification Services can be customized to your organization’s needs at different stages of the design process during the project development cycle. Offering solutions to address your verification requirements we can provide various engagement models with our team of verification experts. These services can be part of staff augmentation, to partial or fully outsourced verification, all the way to full turn-key verification services. They can range in services from unit-level to System on a Chip (SoC).

Our services include:

Best Practices in Verification
We understand the rapidly evolving complexity and technical advancements in chip design and are researching and applying best practices in verification methodologies.
Vertical Solutions
We recognize that Vertical Solutions are an important part of reducing the challenges of developing ASIC/FPGA SoCs. They also enable IP reuse as well as ensuring better quality designs. Our experts are investigating various areas such as Hardware Security, Secure boot, Multi-Processor Integration.

We also include methods to apply scenario-based compliance test suite to allow stimulus reuse from front-end verification to emulation or prototype.

Summary of Projects

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