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Do you like flying planes?

Interview with Craig Maiman, Principal Design Consultant

Q: How often do you find while working at XtremeEDA you can pursue your passion for flying?

A:  Depending on weather sometimes three times per week. I live on the East Coast and I am currently working remotely on an assignment for a client in California, so I’m able to shift my work hours around and do some flying in the morning and work the client’s normal business hours.

Q:  How did you get interested in flying?

A:  First interested when I was 13 years old because we lived a mile and half from an airport. I wanted to be a fighter pilot; that was my plan but then I didn’t have perfect vision as I got older, which disqualified me for the air force.

Q:  When did you get your license to fly?

A  Just 9 years ago.

Q:  I understand you built your own plane, tell me about it?

A:  It’s a Sling 4 kit and took me 6.5 years to build. It’s named “Sadie”, after my Grandmother who I never got to meet. It seats 4 people and flies approximately 140 mph, and can cover 700 miles nonstop.

Q: Do you feel that XtremeEDA gives you that work life balance?

A:  Because I work from home I have a lot of flexibility to work my own hours so right now I’m pursuing my instrument rating. In the future, I would like to do volunteer work with Angel Flight or Pilots and Paws.

Q: You’ve been working at XtremEDA a little over a year now, what is the best thing about working here?

A:  It doesn’t have that burden of “Big Company” stuff! XtremeEDA has that flexibility a small company offers and that family feel – it feels close, I really love it here. I’ve worked for big companies and small companies, and  I really prefer the small company atmosphere, as long as you have good leadership and don’t have a jerk running the company – and we don’t!.

Q: How does it make you feel like family if we all work remotely?

A:  I don’t know, it just does. It just feels that way, we connect by video and you get to know people. I get to meet with the other employees who are local. I just get that sense from how the company treats me; it comes more from that feeling than actual physical contact.

Check out the interview video below:

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